Flaring Today

Of course when you are chronically ill some days are much harder than others. I am having one of those days today. I am in a lot of pain, swelling, my rashes have been out, I cannot focus, dizzy, and dehydrated just to name a few symptoms. Days like today I do not accomplish very much. I need to rest more than I would like to. I count down the hours till I am able to say good-bye to this day and drift off to dream land. I spend flare days in my PJ’s with my heating pads. If I cannot do school work I watch television or spend time on Pinterest. Flare days right now mean staying off my feet and drinking a lot.  So far 145 ounces of fluids. It is a lot, but it is necessary due to the severity of my dehydration. The beverages I drink are water, smart water, and tea. My appetite is poor when I am flaring despite being on Prednisone. I eat whatever I crave or sounds like it won’t make me throw up. I will write another blog post about my diet, stomach issues, and my struggle with my weight. My two beautiful and sweet cats take turns keeping me company and watching out for me. I adore being around them, they do help me get though bad days.

If you are having a bad day and/or flaring you are not alone. My heart breaks knowing that you endure intense pain and that you face these hardships. It is challenging always being in pain. It is okay to take the day off to rest. It is okay to be emotional, overwhelmed, and frustrated. You battle more than people know, having a break down is okay.

I want you to know that you have made progress and I am proud of all you have accomplished. Tiny accomplishments matter and are worth celebrating! You are a courageous warrior with a priceless and beautiful story. Even though today might have been a terrible day there is still plenty to be grateful for.  Cling onto your hope. Tomorrow will be better than today even if it’s just a tiny bit better. Slowly but surely things will get better.

I’m honored that you have read this post and I look forward to getting to know you better.

Sending gentle hugs, lots of spoons, and continuous prayers,



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