Fabulous Friday

This is a cheesy idea that will hopefully work out. Once or twice a month I’m going to post a Fabulous Friday post. It’s going to be girly posts about chronic illness and fashion, make up, hair, and everything girly. I’m not a pro but I want to share what I know. I have learned a few tips and tricks from being sick.

Though I hear the phrase, “You don’t look sick,” countless times I have dealt with my physical appearance changing. My skin tone is now a few shades lighter. I went through a period of time were I lost chunks of my hair anytime I touched it. Currently I’m on prednisone which comes with moon face. I get Lupus rashes including the butterfly rash. In addition I have had weight loss, swelling, and bloating. I will be including beauty tips for these various symptoms. If you have a request please leave it in the comments!

Sending hugs, spoons, & prayers ❤


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