Fabulous Friday #2

Hair Loss

I loss my hair for over a year from Lupus. Every time I touched, washed, or brushed it, clumps of hair would fall. Of course being a teenage girl this bother me. I would cry whenever I had to do my hair. I went through a stage of wearing chunky head bands this way the thinning and small bald patches wouldn’t be noticeable. I began having small sores on my scalp. As the hair loss persisted I began looking around at wigs and extensions, all the while a few questions repeated like a broken record in my head. Should I cut my hair very short and inverts in extensions? Should I shave it, get a wig, and pray it grows back? Growing up I was attached to my long pin straight hair. My thick fell right to the bottom of my back. For the longest time I’d cry when I got it cut. Yes I out grew that, but my hair was a part of me.

I feel in general young girls value their hair, it is a big part of how we look and how we picture who we are. The whole world shakes with a chronic illness and sometimes losing hair is the straw that breaks the camels back.

I decided to wait to change my hair for as long as I could hold out being that my treatment plan was still in the planning stages. I am happy I waited. A few months after being on Benlysta my hair stopped falling out. It is not what it use to be there are spots where the thinning is bad and it is thin. My thin hair does bother me at times still, but overall I am okay with it. I have learned to work with it and accept it.

If you are going through hair loss you are not alone. It is perfectly okay to cry or to be mad. Even if it is thinning you are absolutely beautiful inside and out! Give yourself time to adjust to your new normal. Things have changed due to your illness, but you are still the same amazing girl with a beautiful smile. “You only need to look to your own reflection for inspiration because you are beautiful.”

Check back for tips on how to cope with hair loss!


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