Lupus Vs. Cancer Post

My friend Chiara Brooke wrote this post. I truly believe Chiara understands the devastation of both illnesses. She is a strong, beautiful, and carougous fighter.

Please read & share it! Show her support & help us raise awareness!!!!

So many people do not understand how sever Lupus is and how much damage it does to the body.Don’t compare us to Cancer patients our battle is just as difficult. The illnesses progress differently but they are both life altering and can be terminal. Lack of education across the board makes things more challenging for Lupus patients. People should be just as supportive regardless the illness. I have personally been told well if you had Cancer your friends would be more supportive and talk to or visit you. BOTH illnesses are sever and difficult to live with.

“A lot of illness’s suffer from being left in the dark and Lupus is one of them. Except Lupus is forever, it’ll never go away. Not with diet, not with a load of chemotherapy or surgeries, not with medications forever, it’ll always stay the same. See Lupus goes into remission, but it shoots right back at the patient again. Cancer leaves, and only has a chance of coming back, there is no guarantee.”


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