Meaghan and the Lupus – the Platinum Edition

Living Through Lupus

I’m a huge fan of Disney movies – this should not surprise anyone that knows me well enough. I respect Disney’s marketing tactics when it comes to selling their films. They release a movie for a short period of time on DVD then they “lock it up” in the “vault.” After a brief period of time, they’ll re-release it with an extra feature and call it the “silver edition” before locking it up again. After another period of time, it’ll be the “platinum edition” with more “added features.” I’m fairly certain I own 3 copies of Beauty and the Beast as a result of this technique.

Gotta love that "Platinum Edition" Gotta love that “Platinum Edition”

In a way, my Lupus is like a Disney movie – just hear me out on this. It flares up and I deal with it for a while then it goes away into remission (locked up in that elusive…

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