Meet My Pets

The holiday season is a time to celebrate those who you cherish, those you hold in your heart. For me this not only includes my family and friends, but this also includes my pets. Being chronically ill has changed, altered, and strengthen various relationships in my life. This is true of my relationships with my four legged friends as well. I have always adored animals however I have learned to cherish their love, loyalty, and friendship even more.

Currently I have two cats who I adore and a dog. Then there are my additional kitty friends who are strays but have a big place in my heart. Grace is my two year old princess who surely knows she is beautiful and adores attention. Buddy is my dog who just turned two. He is extremely hyper and forgets how big he is. Sadie is our newest addition who is around seven months old. She is a curled ear kitten with lots of energy, enjoys attention, and loves to follow me around. Sun shine is the oldest stray who is set in her ways. She does not understand that hitting people is rude but she can be sweet when she wants to be. Midnight is her son, he is around five years old. He is lazy and enjoys sleeping. Fluffy is a younger cat who adopted the basement as her home after inviting herself in last spring to have kittens. She is different, even strange at times but she is sweet and playful. Sadly we could not find her a home however now she is very attached to everyone here and is content.

Grace & I:


It is a known fact that pets are great for those of us who battle chronic illnesses. My cats, Grace and Sadie assist me on a daily bases. They watch me and make sure I listen to what my parents say. One day I was told not to use the stairs but needed water so I had to. My cats were less than happy and ‘yelled’ at me.  My cats also come when called which is great if I need them.



Purring has health benefits for humans. Both of my girls purr often and loudly. They also provide me with emotional support when I am overwhelmed, having anxiety, or upset. Their fur is comforting. If I am having a good day we play or stretch together. Of course taking care of them helps make sure that I am using different muscles in small ways. I will be sharing more about how these two lovely girls help me and more about them in future posts.

Share in the comments how your four legged friends assist you with your chronic illness.


4 thoughts on “Meet My Pets

  1. My dog, Matilda (Tildy for short), makes me walk almost a mile everyday. She refuses to handle her business in the yard so we have to go for a walk every morning and evening. Even if I hurt all over, I have to keep moving because she’s depending on me to take her to the bathroom

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