Why We Need to Take a Page from Elsa and “Let it Go”

Diary of a "Never Been Kissed" Girl


            So he cheated on you. So she she lied about you. So your boss doesn’t appreciate you, your teacher doesn’t get you (your dog ACTUALLY ate your homework), and your dream of becoming a Disney pop star looks a little bleak. So you’ve never been kissed. So you started kissing at the age of 8. So all of the plans about how your life should turn out seem to be taking their time in forming, and it seems like you’re floating aimlessly in the mythical Land of Nowhere. I’m not trivializing these things. In the famous words of that kid from War Horse, “You are not alone, are you? Because I’m here.” And while I’m not gazing lovingly into your eyes in the middle of a field (I would if I could- believe me), the message is very much the same. You…

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