February is a month focused on love and romance. I challenge you this February to focus on loving yourself, caring for yourself, and loving your story. You are a beautiful individual with so much to offer the world. You have many talents. The things you are passionate about add to your uniqueness. Your passions are there for a reason. You are chronically ill but there is so much more to who you are as a person. You are going to make a huge impact in this world.  Take time to understand why and how much the people in your life love you. Take time to take care of yourself, do things you enjoy, and rest. I hope that this month you can see how wonderful, precious, and valuable you truly are. 


Wishing you a month overflowing with beauty, blessings, and love. Take everything moment by moment, you have all you need to get through this moment. You are a strong, admirable, and beautiful individual. You are too amazing to put yourself down or speak negatively about yourself. Praying this month is pain free and that you have more then enough spoons. Sending warm hugs and prayers.


Comment below something you love about yourself.


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