Please don’t take your health for granted.

This is something I really hope to do, even when I’m doing a lot better!

Life with a chronic illness is absolutely exhausting. I don’t think any of my friends quite understand this side of it; even the friends who have lived with me a few weeks.

Now that I’m doing quite a bit better than last year, I feel like I can better express just how awful it is without being bitter about it.

Imagine being home sick with a hangover. But wait! That’s not all. You have migraines, dehydration and nausea, but you also get fatigue, chronic pain in your limbs, a rapid heartbeat, and will faint if you stand up too quickly. And, just for the heck of it, you get to feel like you’re drunk too! You’re dizzy, can’t always walk straight, and feel like the room is spinning. This…

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