Fabulous Friday

After becoming ill my skin has become very sensitive. My butterfly rash is another factor I must consider when choosing products now. I have had significant improvement with my butterfly rash, but it still makes an appearance when I am feeling extremely unwell. It is difficult to know what products are safe for me to use. I hate buying anything then finding out I cannot use it. Talk about wasteful.

I have been on the hunt for a new cleanser. I recently got a free sample of a face wash kit (I’m sure that is not the correct term for it). I thought the set was adorable, everything is mine but so far it has lasted me a few weeks. The set included: face wash, enzyme scrub, C serum, enzyme mist, cream, and sunscreen. The is by far the fanciest set I have tired.  This is the “hello beautiful” collection by MyChelle. It is for all/combination skin. “Here, it’s all about maintenance. Our All/ Combination products promote healthy skin, balance skin lipids, retain moisture and keep your skin’s barrier strong. That means good things (like nutrients and moisture) stays in, and nasty toxins, debris, and dirt stay out.”


I do like the set in general. The exfoliate does irritate my butterfly rash a bit, but I only use it twice a week. The serum, mist, and cream really helps with my butterfly rash and dryness. Dry skin seems to be another aspect of sensitive skin that I have encountered.  Products that are more natural seem to be highly beneficial for me currently. I’ve found that some preservatives bother me.

How do you cope with sensitive skin?


7 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday

  1. I love the idea of reviewing products that spoonies can actually tolerate, and that do what they promise, too.
    I actually just started making my own bath & beauty recipes (and cleaning supplies), and having control over the ingredients is a pretty amazing thing, and I totally agree that all-natural is the way to go with skin that tends to be fragile and easily irritated. I don’t think of myself as girly at all, but I still love having soft, beautiful skin, and being ill makes that one tall order. I always have skin issues now.
    My favorite discovery is that cocoa butter mixed with coffee butter (and a few other skin-friendly ingredients like calendula and chamomile) makes you smell like a white chocolate mocha all day long, and has never irritated my skin if I use it as a moisturizer after a shower or soak.
    I think people underestimate what these small little self-care gifts to ourselves can do for us, and even on a bad pain day, if I can muster the strength to shower and put on clean clothes, there is always some small measure of relief in having done that successfully and having silky soft skin makes that bonus even better.

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    1. Hey Jessi! Thank you for reading my post and for your comment, it is very encouraging! I think it is awesome that you make your own. I tend to find recipes and not having enough energy to do any of them. The next time I need cocoa butter I will check that out. Thank you for sharing. I agree that the small things make a huge difference! Sending lots of spoons, prayers, and hugs. Thank you again for your comment, it really made my day.

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      1. I’m excited to keep reading your blog, love! It makes my day any time I can connect with another spoonie online, especially a writer like yourself! I think it is definitely more practical for us to buy ready-made products that really work, which is why I love your idea of reviewing products so much. It just happens to be a hobby of mine to try to make what I need at home! (try is the important part there!) 🙂
        I’m the same way with the recipes. When I do make something it’s usually off the top of my head and either a huge success or a massive failure! But the recipes definitely pile up on Pinterest and Pocket, no matter what.
        It’s amazing what all can be made at home, but gathering the supplies takes time, money, and yeah, that ever-elusive Energy. I totally understand, and sympathize with that. I’m actually trying to start a business with that in mind (and a non-spoonie business partner for that Energy component, lol), but it’s everything I have and then some and we haven’t even finished the business plan yet!
        Thank you for sharing what you’re learning, it’s definitely helpful to other spoonies with such sensitive skin to get such a complete review, especially when a product is expensive!
        ((hugs and extra spoons)) ❤


      1. You shoulda seen what my blog looked like for the first three months. talk about unflattering web design! I still don’t think I’m happy with what I have, my graphic designer nerdy side hasn’t had a chance to play with the photoshop bundle I just bought yet! 🙂
        In contrast, your blog looks clean, everything important is easy to find, you chose a pretty customizable theme to start out with which is huge (I did not!), and you picked a header image that both symbolizes hope, and is still crisp at its size. The colors work nicely together, too. I know it’s hard to tell if you’ve accomplished what you were going for, but I think it fits your writing style as well. Design is hard work, and with the tools given here, it can feel really limiting, but you made something welcoming that works very nicely for your individualized blog and message.
        ((hugs)) and hoping for a low pain, low fatigue day for you my dear! ❤

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