The world moves quickly; if you blink you will miss something. Slowing down does not seem to be something people do. Every thing is rush, rush, rush. Our days are jam packed with school, work, family things, and social activities. Our to do lists seem to grow by leaps and bounds.  Waiting has become a daunting task for the average American.

Our priorities have become blurred. Too often spending time with God is just another task to cross off our to do list. We forget how precious spending time with Him is. Like most tasks we rush through our time with God breezing through a Bible passage or devotional. We ramble off our wish list instead of coming to God in prayer. Our time with God is not quality time thus not allowing us to grow. We depart from this time not feeling the way God intend us to feel after spending time with him.

We need to learn to slow  down. To sit openly and humbly at the Lords feet, genuinely seeking His will for our lives. Allowing his peace to comfort us.

Our timing is different then Gods timing. We must remember that His timing is flawless. He understands the full picture. We must be willing to wait for his direction and for his gentle voice. To stay in the spirit until the spirit says to move. Completely surrendering; contently waiting.


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