Pet Pal

Dear Grace and Sadie,

You both stole my heart and have a special place in it. You are the apple of my eye. You both have blessed me in so many ways, I thank God everyday we are able to spend together. You both help me cope with my health in different but equally important ways.

Grace, you have been my baby almost three wonderful years. We have been through so much heartbreak and obstacles. You are my princess. You worry too much about me. You allow me to rock you to sleep, taking my mind off of the pain for a bit and off of the emotional roller coaster that my medication gives me.


Sadie, you have been with us a short six months, yet it feels like I have known you so much longer. You overflow with love. So full of energy and life. You follow me around making sure I am okay. You call when you can’t find me. You sit with me while I do school work or read.



You both provide stress relief, friendship, and a listening ear. You come when I call you and provide comfort. We exercise together. I love you both dearly with all my heart. I am forever grateful for your presents in my life and I cherish our time together. You give me hope and strength.


Your mom Victoria



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