Post Scope

I had my Endo scope a few days ago. In my personal option the scope was boring but it did go well. Well in the sense it was uneventful. Medical testing anxiety is normal, in my option. Up until I spoke with the anesthesiologist, I had zero anxiety which is impressive. Maybe it is because I have had scopes previously or it might have been the simple fact that I was plagued with fatigue. I must say though, when the anesthesiologist told me I might be aware of what was going on and feel some of it, I had a bit of an internal melt down. Thankfully, I do not recall any of the procedure. Of course I woke up in pain.Waking up from anesthesia is always painful for me, but I think that is normal.

Despite being on a handful of anti inflammatories I have inflammation in my stomach.  The doctor informed me that it was caused by Lupus. I did get pictures of inside of my stomach, similarly to the pictures I received of my colon.  I know this grosses most people out, but I find it interesting. I enjoy learning. It is just odd to a degree that those pictures are my insides. It’s not someone eases, it’s not just a text book reading or article this is mine.

The doctor did take three biopsy’s. I can feel where he took them, it is extremely weird.

In perspective I am doing great post endo scope. No new symptoms.


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