Exercise & Spoonie Stuff

The past few days I have been doing well physically. I have begun attempting to exercise again. Exercising is a challenge for most people with a chronic illness. It is hard to think about it when you are in so much pain that you don’t want to move or so tired that you want to collapse. There is also the factor that one does not want to make anything worse. No matter how we look at it exercising is essential for overall health, even for a spoonie. Starting slowly and being determined is key. I have been thrilled with my exercise routine.  Okay, so part of the reason of this is because I didn’t have one for a while. Currently I am able to do between eight and twelve minutes on the treadmill! (If you’re not a spoonie, it’s okay that you don’t understand my excitement). Additionally I have been on my feet for longer periods of time and frequently using the stairs. This is a huge accomplishment.


My rheumatologist put me back on methotrexate, though she was skeptical. The combination of low dosage of methotrexate and a fairly high dosage of prednisone has been extremely helpful. I have begun seeing good days with my health. I recently saw my rheumatologist. I was happy to have something positive to tell her. The plan is to continue tapering while increasing the methotrexate. All should be well as long as my body cooperates. My body seems to have a mind of it’s own.


In about a month I will be moving to campus. By then, my  prednisone dose will be stabilized. Hopefully I will be about where I am at now with my symptoms, manageable. Being able to function with it all is more of a blessing then I can describe. I feel compelled to point out that improving does not mean I am no longer sick. I am still in somewhat of a flare. I am doing better but I still have all my chronic illnesses. Doing better is commonly misunderstood for someone no longer being ill which is not the case.

Most people assume that I do nothing all day because I am chronically ill. Though I have not been able to go anywhere exciting or do ‘normal’ young adult activities such as being with friends regularly, I have managed to keep myself busy. On days that I am functioning I keep myself busy from the time I get out of bed till it is time to crawl back into bed for the night. I feel like I have been having a good summer. I have been able to do something productive most days either for chronically hopeful or in preparation with my academics for next semester.

My goal is to prepare for the move to campus in every way that I can possibly think of. Transitions can be tricky with a chronic illness. Planning does eliminate this fact but can make things easier.


2 thoughts on “Exercise & Spoonie Stuff

  1. Hi sweetie. I’m glad you’re feeling better. I go thru the summer feeling better but in sad anticipation of fall. With fall comes illness for me. I’m currently on vacation in Hawaii and using all spoons and borrowing the next days. The prednisone helps but I hate the new me. It’s not the better of me but it’s who I am. I’m doing so much more walking and in the heat I do know it feels like all uphill. Enjoy the remainder of summer and I’m proud of your accomplishments. Hugs you all.

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    1. Thank you so much! I am so sorry to hear that fall isn’t a good season for you. I can sympathize to a degree though. You are in my prayers. I hope you are having an amazing time in Hawaii!!! Yes, I understand with prednisone. I’m on a high dosage and tapering. Personally, I severely dislike tapering. Thank you. Sending lots of hugs, spoons, and prayers ❤


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