College Chatter : Classes

This semester I am making a big shift with my college classes. The majority of my college career thus far has been done online. I enjoy online learning. I think it is a wonderful option, especially if you are chronically ill. The flexibility is priceless.

Though I love online learning this semester I will be taking two classes in the classroom and living on campus. Being in the classroom presents challenges; from needing to get ready for each class to hoping my body doesn’t misbehave in the classroom. The transition to the classroom takes a lot of spoons.

Sitting for a set period of time can be challenging for anyone with an illness. If you will be taking classes in the classroom, be prepared. Make sure to have water and any medication that you might need. In addition make sure to throw an emergency kit into your backpack.

Right now, I am a psychology major. My ultimate goal is to be somewhere in ministry. The courses I am taking are all four credits. This semester I will be taking Bio-psychology and Psych statistics in the classroom. I only have one class a day Monday through Thursday. One class mid morning and one in the evening. Hopefully my body will be okay with this schedule. In addition I will also be taking contemporary sociology online.

What courses will you be taking this fall?


4 thoughts on “College Chatter : Classes

  1. Good luck with transitioning to campus. I started on campus but had to move to online, which for me was the best move. This fall I’ll be taking research methods in psychology. Not a fun one but definately needed.


    1. Awe, thank you so much for your comment. You made my day! Thank you. I love online learning. Let me know if you need any help with the transition. Sounds kinda interesting (better then psych statistics lol). Will this be your first semester in college?

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