Fabulous Friday #FaceWash

Who ordered the steroid, chemo combo? *Silence* I certainly didn’t but some how inherited it.


Don’t get me wrong, I am beyond blessed to be on my medication.  But, it does complicate things from time to time. Like lately, my skin has become super sensitive. Everything I tired washing my face with would irritate it a lot. With both these classes of medications sensitive skin is a given.

Most of the big name brands would bother me. Prior to the medication switch I used proactive. Next I tired Neutrogena and than Garnier both for senstive skin. After additional searching I located a face wash that works for me. A more natural face wash. Burt’s Bee’s is certified natural according to the bottle I have.


I also had an issue with make up remover. I did try organic make up remover wipes with no luck. Now I used coconut oil to remove my make up. There have been said to be many benefits and uses for coconut oil.

coconut-oil-uses                              skincoconutoil

I hope these simple beauty shares help you. And I you are having a Fabulous Friday!  


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