Families are messy to say the least. Somehow we learn to function in the dysfunction and chaos. Whether we like it or not our families influence us in countless ways and determine various aspects of our lives. We love them and hate them. Regardless they are a part of who we are at the core.

My family is not resilient to typical family chaos. We are just as flawed, if not more than the average family. Some days I ask God what he was thinking when he paired us together, our personalities are extraordinarily unique. That when God reminds me of the beauty woven within my family.

I am thankful for my family, who have sustained me and walked with me on my journey (some didn’t have a choice). I never went through typical teen rebellion stage, but I did take my family for grant and the fact that they have always been there for me. Through my short time away at school and the decline of my health, I have learned to truly cherish those I love. Yes, they might be embarrassing at times, but no matter what they are my family; a blessing from the Lord.


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