Matcha Tea is a newer trend in the tea world. I have heard many positive things about it. After conducting my own research, I knew it was something I wanted to try. The health benefits are astonishing. Due to the excessive amount of antioxidants, it is considered a super food.


The health benefits are astonishing. Due to the excessive amount of antioxidants, it is considered a super food.  Matcha assists in detoxing the body, burning calories, helps regulate blood sugar as well as cholesterol,  and relaxes the body. Additionally, it has fiber, vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc, and magnesium. Matcha enhances energy levels and focus. Now the good part! There have been studies done that show Matcha helps with inflammation and autoimmune diseases. Of course, more research is still being done. Anything that can help chronic illness even a tiny bit is an assist in my option.

Matcha is different from the average tea. It is a fine power whereas most teas are tea leaves. You drink the entire tea leaf (which appears as a powder) thus reaping greater health benefits.

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The great thing about Matcha is you do not have to drink it as hot tea, there are other ways to enjoy it. It can be served as a cold tea, mixed in with milk, or added to a smoothie. There are additional recipes that include matcha as well.

I recently bought a small pack of Matcha Tea from Teavana. I am going to try replacing my morning black tea with Matcha tea for five to ten days. Hopefully, I’ll feel an improvement with at least energy levels and my focus.


I invested in the ten single to go packs ( ^ In the picture above). Teavana also has various flavors of Matcha tea such as peach, chai, and jasmine. I went with the basic one because of my abdomen. At times, sweet teas make me nausea. Either way, Matcha has a bold taste. Here’s the description off the Teavana webpage, ” Stoneground from shade-grown, chlorophyll-rich tencha tea leaves harvested for their luminous flavor, emerald color& vital antioxidants, each sip supports energy.Vibrant tench green tea with a rich, savory flavor & exquisitely silken finish.” 

For more Matcha information check out:

Have you ever tried Matcha, if so share your experience in the comments!

*Note: This is just something I stumbled across and after much though  decided to try. This is just what I have learned and experienced, I am not advertising or being endorsed by anyone.


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