Valentines Day


Originally, I had no intentions of blogging today, but God nudged my heart. The concept of Valentines day has always been appealing to me. I love all things girly like hearts. The more I ponder this day, the more I realize it should not simply be about candy, flowers, and couples. It shouldn’t be a day dreaded by us, single people.  It should be a day to reflect on all the people we love in our lives- not just our significant other. Valentines day is more than a romantic movie or other things the media might say. Not that any of these things are bad but the meaning gets lost in the shuffle. It is a day to be grateful for the people who deeply love you, encourage you and support you.

It is fitting that Valentines day is during lent this year. This day our hearts should also be focused on God’s indescribable love for us. A chance to deepen our relationship with Christ. You are Gods favorite; his pride and joy. He delights in you. He longs for you to find all you need in him, to rejoice in his love, and be content in him. Before He crafted the universe he already knew how every moment in your life would unfold. His love for you remains the same. Nothing can sperate you from it. He will continue to bless you greatly. “Jesus turns lives into legacies. He is transforming history through you.”

Valentines day is also a reminder to be nice to ourselves. To try to love and accept who we are and where we are in our journey. You are valued beyond words. Perfectly flawed, just human. You are worthy of love, all things good, and worthy of blessings. I wish you would see yourself through others eyes, maybe then you could see your radiant beauty understanding your worth.


How are you celebrating Valentine’s day?


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