Happy Birthday!

Today is Grace’s 4th birthday! To me, it is simply unbelievable that she is already four years old. She is simply precious and seriously my best friend. Then again, everyone considers Gracey to be their best friend. I have not met a human or cat who doesn’t adore her, she has a loving personality with a dash of a diva. Of course, once she saw a box she knew it was for her and went nuts till I opened it reviling her sparkly pom pom balls.



When we adopted Sadie they weren’t sure when she was born, so we decided to do one big kitty birthday. Sadie Rose is an American Curled Ear, which are apparently extremly expensive if you buy them at a pet store, thankfully we got her on free kitten Friday. Grace and Sadie are sisters now. They love to play tag together. Sadie Rose loves attention and sitting on my lap while I do school work. She has a bit of anxiety but she has had a ton of improvement. If she can’t get to me she’ll bang on the door and cry. She comes like a puppy. Oh! And Saide likes kitty soup and Chicken Noodle soup. Every kitty got a small gift and a few treats today. Sadie Rose is about 2 years old now.


We couldn’t leave Fluffy out of the birthday fun! Also known as best friend. She adoped us; claming my room along with the other two as her own. She is clumsy and a bit socially awkard but sweet and loving. She tries to mimick them playing tag but ends up startling them. Probaly because she is much biger. She loves to talk. Her faviorte toy are plastic Chrsitmas balls. She also enjoys running around amislessly.  We have no idea how old she is. At times she seems to have a hard time seeing and hearing so we think she might be older then Grace.


I am thinking of sharing more kitty pictures and stories on my blog. They all have huge personalities, are intelligent, and do funny things.






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