Support Unfolding…

Support makes a world of difference. I highly encourage you to check out God-Living Girls group and the blog in addition to this one. Though they face struggles these are God loving and inspiring and encouraging woman. They are amazing beyond words.

Living With Eyz2God

Gods daughtersI watched a beautiful thing happen yesterday.

Not that I don’t see beautiful things happen. But in this crazy, isolated world of living with chronic pain, finding joy in something isn’t always a daily occurrence…

But yesterday I watched as a community of hurting women came together for a sister who reached out of her lonely and isolated corner to share her need.

For what, she couldn’t even put into words…

And they came. One by one. Offering encouragement and prayers, “I’ve been there” and “Hang in there” stories, caring words of “God’s got you”, love, hugs, true showings of compassion, sincere concern about her pain…

All from women who have never met – except on this side of a computer screen, in a prayer group on Facebook.**

But all who have one thing in common.

They need support. They need encouragement as they deal with daily pain, loneliness, and isolation…

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