POTS Update

I have begun having ‘abnormal’ fainting spells. I call these episodes abnormal because they do not follow my normal pattern. I don’t have typical warning signs, I am out too long, and have slurred speech once I wake up. I was finally able to see my cardiologist yesterday. The million dollar question is this POTS? Of course, I have POTS, but with the way these episodes appear we wonder if there is something more. Is there a heart issue, seizure disorder, or neurological issue? These are not easy questions to answer.

I am in that irritating place once again- no one is clear on what to do to help but there is clearly an issue. My doctor has spoken to a POTS expert in the area. I am waiting for his office to contact me for an appointment where we will discuss implanting a small device into my chest to monitor my heart at all times. Until then it is just dealing with the symptoms and fainting.


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