20 Facts

20 Random Facts About Me: Chronic Illness Addition:

  1. I have been admitted to the hospital three times
  2. I know how to do self-injections
  3. My right arm is significantly longer than my left one
  4. My joints pop out of place a few times a day
  5. I am on my third dose of Remicade. It is making a difference already.
  6. I am hypermobile. I have learned this is more than I thought.
  7. I have three kidneys as well as chronic stones
  8. I have tremors or muscle spasms which are thought to be Dysautonomia related. They are painful as well as irritating.
  9.  Being chronically ill has altered my skin color.
  10. I have moon face.
  11. At times I stand or walk on the sides of my feet (it has gotten dramatically better with age)
  12. Currently, I am loving my stuffed dog that is microwaveable with a lavender scent. My twin friends, who are four from Chruch named him Cuddles. Anytime I am going out I heat it up and bring it with me. Excellent for joints or abdominal pain.
  13. I have developed sensitivities to bleach, laundry soap, dishwasher soap, and additional cleaning products. We use Seventh Generation and Lysol.
  14. I have had five surgeries
  15. I have applied for a service dog and have begun thinking about names.
  16. It is less painful to eat. Somedays I’m not hungry but then I just grab a drink if I need something like ensure.
  17. I get a butterfly rash and anxiety before extreme pain or a flare of symptoms.
  18. I use elbow crutches or a wheelchair at times
  19. I have had a concussion
  20. My cats help my anxiety

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