Thoughts of A Spoonie

My life is so different from those typical my age. I cherish all I am blessed with. However, there are times it is difficult watching people when I am out or on social media. Girls laughing at the mall without a care in the world. Not needing to think about passing out or taking medication. People going forward with life. Getting engaged. Getting married. Expecting children. In a way, I feel left out.

I came home from college and began a hard fight. Everyone else enjoyed friends and learning. I fought my body. Fought the pain. Fought just to stay alive. I have learned valuable lessons. I have begun serving in ministry. I wouldn’t trade these priceless blessing for anything. Yet some days I crave a normal life.

It is okay to be in between loving your life and grieving what never happened. It is to me a normal element of the spoonie young adult world. The emotions are hard to process at times, but my friend, you are doing an amazing job! Allow yourself to feel.

Move forward one moment at a time. Celebrate the small victories. Embrace each moment of joy. Thanks for stopping by.


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