Better Or Worse or Both?

I am really bad about posting personal update with my health on my blog. I tend to forget. #BrainFog. #Concussion. I am in a funny season of life with my health. I know the majority of people in my life are highly confused. It seems like on my personal Facebook that one day I am writing posts about all the ways I am improving and the next day I (or my mom) is asking for prayer because I am in the ER. So what is the deal? I am actually improving greatly and getting much worse at once. This is possible when you have a few chronic illnesses.

Many of you know I was admitted about a month ago because I was not eating. It was as I had shared a very stressful admission for me. In the end other than my vomiting getting under control absolutely nothing was resolved and I feel they did a poor job in finding a reason for my symptoms. As of today I am down 36 pounds. My gastro was extremely concerned but has no real plan of action. The concern lasted a few days till he decided actually I’m just hopeless. I am scheduled to see a new gastro. We have discussed things in detail but he doesn’t know what steps to take. He believes TPN is beneficial but it has not been ordered. He discussed an NG tube and other feeding tubes but again nothing has been ordered. Gastroparesis, EDS, or that section of small intestine they can’t see with a scope are thought to be possible causes of this issue. I attempt to eat throughout the day which results in a great deal of abdominal pain and almost always diarrhea (and vomiting occasionally).

On the other hand, as I mentioned before, I am indeed improving. Although my stomach is a hot mess many of my other symptoms are at bay. My swelling has went down tremendously, I have an increase of energy, I am able to stay upright longer, I can take Abby for much longer walks down the road, for the most part I am sleeping better, though I can’t eat I do get hungry, my joint and muscle pain has decreased tremendously as well. A huge part of the reason for the improvements I am seeing are from the plant based supplements that I added to my chronic illness tool box. I am not by any means cured but adding this system has greatly improved my health. My body has been through the war with my health more times than I can count. Furthermore, there have been times I have come a little to close for comfort to deaths door step so I am deeply thankful for every tiny victory. I feel it is vital to celebrate every small victory. So, yes, indeed I am getting worse and greatly improving at the same time. Of course, feel free to ask me questions!


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