Spoonful of Spoonie Encouragment

Mornings for those with a chronic illness are a struggle beyond words. Waking up and willing our bodies to function is a fight. Here is a spoonful of encouragement for spoonie warriors. Happy Monday, brave friend!

You have victoriously made it out of bed this morning. The symptoms and pain are already overwhelming, but you’ve got this. You only need to take today one minute at a time. You have all the strength you need, even though it might not seem that way. Anxiety and depression attempt to dictate your day. Take a breath. Take a break.  Get some rest. Keep fighting to make today the best day possible.

You have been chosen to walk this path. It is one filled with heartbreak, disappointment, and setbacks. Walking the path of someone who is chronically ill is a challenge to say the very least. Being sick has most likely disrupted your flawless rhythm with life. It has stopped you dead in your tracks. Your illness has tried to toss your dreams out the window.

Though this path is difficult, I assure you there is a lot of beauty to be discovered. Sure life is not what it used to be, but the song you sing is just as beautiful. There is hope, joy, love, laughter, and life to be found on this path. You will be able to recreate your wonderful dreams. You are still you, despite your illness. You are an amazing and beautiful person with a flawless story and a huge purpose.

    There will be days that you become overwhelmed and feel completely alone. Your feelings are understandable, however, I promise you, you do not walk alone on this path. There are people who care about you, people who understand how difficult the journey is, and people who want to support you.

I am proud of all you have accomplished. I know you will thrive today. This week will be lovely simply because it is the only choice. While you don’t need to be positive all the time you need to take baby steps forward. You are doing amazing. Raise your coffee (or tea) to a great week warrior!

Not fine

She seems fine

Her smile shines

Proves she is all right

Put on the mask

To hide all inside

To be strong

Cannot seem to find the words to her song

Her hearts been wandering for miles

Though she tries to smile

None sees the tears she cries

Wishes she could fly

To escape all her troubles

Fabulous Friday #FaceWash

Who ordered the steroid, chemo combo? *Silence* I certainly didn’t but some how inherited it.


Don’t get me wrong, I am beyond blessed to be on my medication.  But, it does complicate things from time to time. Like lately, my skin has become super sensitive. Everything I tired washing my face with would irritate it a lot. With both these classes of medications sensitive skin is a given.

Most of the big name brands would bother me. Prior to the medication switch I used proactive. Next I tired Neutrogena and than Garnier both for senstive skin. After additional searching I located a face wash that works for me. A more natural face wash. Burt’s Bee’s is certified natural according to the bottle I have.


I also had an issue with make up remover. I did try organic make up remover wipes with no luck. Now I used coconut oil to remove my make up. There have been said to be many benefits and uses for coconut oil.

coconut-oil-uses                              skincoconutoil

I hope these simple beauty shares help you. And I you are having a Fabulous Friday!  

I adore tea. I have found it useful for various things with being chronically ill. It has many health benefits. It is the only thing I drink other then water. I drink many different types and enjoy trying new tea’s. I figured it would be fun to include on my blog. I will be sharing health benefits of various types of tea, doing tea reviews, and chatting about tasty tea.

I enjoy experimenting with tea leaves, in addition to the traditional tea bags. There are an abundance of ways to buy tea and many types of tea the average person has not heard about.


I attempt to include white tea in my diet daily.  White tea is a very pure tea therefore can be on the expensive side. It is processed very little. However, it has some great health benefits such as helping arthritis, it helps with inflammation, it can help lower blood sugar and pressure, it strengths bones, it helps prevent infections, and helps support vision. Personally my favorite white tea is Orange Spice by Numi.


Each type of tea offers amazing health benefits. It is a great way to relax on a chilly fall morning. Of course, you need to check to be sure various types of tea do not interact with your medication or your symptoms.

Share your favorite type of tea.


A Reason Why

Maybe there is a reason

For all the storms in life

For all the tears we cry

Maybe there is a reason

For every season

Why flowers bloom

Leaves glide

Snow blankets the Earth

And the sun warms our hearts

Maybe there is a reason

I’m alive

Maybe I have a purpose

Maybe I could change a life

Have you ever thought maybe just maybe

There’s a reason why the sun rises and sets

Why people go through hard times

Why you’re alive

Maybe just maybe there is a reason why

She is the Clay

Tears have made her face moist

She’s longing to hear your voice

Seeking guidance to make a choice

She’s waiting day after day

Knows you are the potter and she is the clay

Things will fall into place in your time

Not alone in this climb

You’ll get her out of this bind

Let her know you’re near

There’s nothing to fear

Make her path clear


College Chatter : Classes

This semester I am making a big shift with my college classes. The majority of my college career thus far has been done online. I enjoy online learning. I think it is a wonderful option, especially if you are chronically ill. The flexibility is priceless.

Though I love online learning this semester I will be taking two classes in the classroom and living on campus. Being in the classroom presents challenges; from needing to get ready for each class to hoping my body doesn’t misbehave in the classroom. The transition to the classroom takes a lot of spoons.

Sitting for a set period of time can be challenging for anyone with an illness. If you will be taking classes in the classroom, be prepared. Make sure to have water and any medication that you might need. In addition make sure to throw an emergency kit into your backpack.

Right now, I am a psychology major. My ultimate goal is to be somewhere in ministry. The courses I am taking are all four credits. This semester I will be taking Bio-psychology and Psych statistics in the classroom. I only have one class a day Monday through Thursday. One class mid morning and one in the evening. Hopefully my body will be okay with this schedule. In addition I will also be taking contemporary sociology online.

What courses will you be taking this fall?